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My future

What are your future plans regarding your studies, home and travel plans? You will probably go round the world, won´t you? . You might get a degree…Tell me about your future aspirations.


A bit of sightseeing in your last day!!

Hello again, how is it going? I´ve heard that today is your last day and that you have planned to visit the town. Is that true? What places have you seen yet? Have you been sightseeing? Would you like to stay longer? I miss you!!!!

Day 1

Hi again there!

How are you? Did you enjoy the event? Was everything OK today?

Natural disasters

Do you know about a natural disaster that happened in our country? I´d like to know about it.


If you had to choose one of these items to survive in the middle of the desert, which one would you choose?Why? . The three of them could be useful, couldn´t they?Do you agree or disagree with your classmates´ opinions?

Who starts the discussion????

Your arrival

Hi guys!! Have you all arrived at your destination? How are you? Who did you go with? How was your journey? and…why are you there? Please, tell me everything about your first day!!

Extreme sports

Have you ever tried any of these sports? Can you do any of these activities in your town? Which one would you like to try? Why? Which one would you never try? Why?