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Extreme sports

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Have you ever tried any of these sports? Can you do any of these activities in your town? Which one would you like to try? Why? Which one would you never try? Why?



  1. Daniela Ferrer says:

    I have tried parkour and it was very funny because you jump from one side to another but you must have to be careful because you can suffer any fall or lession. In my town, I think that I can do parkour, kayaking or inline skating. I don’t like so much the extreme sports but if I have to choose one, I would like to try the sky diving because I’ve always liked to know what it feels like to jump from the sky.
    The extreme sport that I wouldn’t like to try is the bungee jumping because I think that is very dangerous and you can dead doing this sport.


  2. Álvaro Molero García says:

    I understand a little bit the feeling of those who practice this crazy sports.

    In all my life, I have done some extreme sports. I have ridden a BMX in the skatepark for two years and I have done rafting one time in my life at the age of twelve. Here in San Pedro we can only practice a few extreme sports, which are done at the skatepark, at the sky like parachuting or in the water like kitesurfing.

    In the future I want to practice bungee jumping because I believe that it would be really exciting.

    I think that I won’t never try base jumping because it is the most dangerous sport and I appreciate my life.


  3. Daniel Faya Guijarro says:

    Yes, I have tried white-water rafting. In San Pedro del Pinatar I would like to try parkour in abandoned facilities or houses because it can be so exciting and I would never try parachuting because I am scary to the altures.


  4. María José Labrador Mellado says:

    Extreme sports for me are very interesting but I have never tried any of them. In my town, San Pedro del Pinatar, extreme sports can be practise in the skate park, like skateboarding, BMX, inline skating, etc… If I could practise one of these activities I will choose skydiving, because this sport impresed me since I was 5.. But the sport I would never try is motocross, because I don’t think I can manage a motorbike, but I like to see motocross competitions.


  5. Ainhoa Espín says:

    I have practiced scooter but not a long time. I would like to practice parkour because i like jump and run in the street. I would never practiced BMX because it weighs a lot and i don´t like do thriks with it.


  6. Marta Gracia says:

    I have been tried kayaking with two of my friends, of course, I’m very good doing it. I practiced it in a club that there is in the Lo Pagan beach. Many people have won trophies in this club. One of my dreams is try skydiving with some friends because I think that is one of the most interesting sport. I never like to try surfing because I’m afraid of water.


  7. Genoveva Castejón says:

    The only extreme sport I’ve done has been kayaking at the age of 7, but I’d love to try the parachuting experience some day, I think it’s an interesting extreme sport and I think this is the best option for me because I love them sports with adrenaline. In my city I have heard that there are some places to practice this sport and I hope to practice it someday. The extreme sport that I would never dare to try is bungee jumping because I am very afraid that the rope will break or something will happen and I will fall.


  8. Emma Sánche Méndez says:

    I have tried rafting, and it was amazing. I didn’t do it in San Pedro del Pinatar, I did it in Murcia.I would like to do bungee jumping, but I can’t. I like to do because it catch my attention.

    The extrem sport that I never will try is Motocross because I think that is very dangerous when the moto take a curve.


  9. María Pérez Martínez says:

    Extreme sports scare me, that’s why I’ve never practiced any. In my town there is a skate park, where you can do many sports, like BMX, skating … Well, if I had to choose a sport I think I would choose skydiving, because it has always caught my attention, although I think that I would practice because I’m afraid of heights.


  10. Andrés Ruiz López says:

    When I was only nine years old I have tried to do skateboarding because I could practice it in the skate park of my town.
    Although now I would like to try to do snowboarding because I think is a very exciting extreme sport and you can see the landscape while you are going down a mountain.
    However I’d never like to do base jumping because I could have an accident in any moment.


  11. Nerea says:

    I have never practiced this type of sports, but I would like that because they seem incredible to me.

    In my town I don’t believe that this type of sports is practiced, but it can be that parkour is practiced, because it is a sport that is done in the street and can be done anywhere.

    I would like to try Bungee Jumping because even though it is a dangerous sport, it seems very fun and interesting.

    I would never practice skydiving, because many people die for the parachute and I am very afraid.


  12. Javier Ramirez Orozco says:

    I have tired freestyle scootering for 4 years. Here in San Pedro are a skate park and on my free time i go to there or when i go to Puertollano i also practice it a lot. i would like to try parachuting because i saw this on tv and i love it. I would never try water sports because i hate the sea.


  13. Alexandria San Nicolas Baltaret says:

    When I’m little I practiced lineskating, it sport is fun. Now I don’t practice any sport but I would like practice BMX, skydiving or parkour. I think this sports are very exciting and fun but also are risky because you can lose your life. In my town I can practice BMX because there is a skate park.


  14. Angel Lopez Dorado says:

    Yes, I have practiced scootering a few years ago and it was very fun but I finally get bored and I leave it. In my town you can do a lot of different extrem sports, like most of acuatic extrem sports, because is a coastal area, also BMX, scootering, skating(because we have a skatepark), parkour…
    I would like to try kayaking, because its a very exciting sport and interesting for me. One sport that I would never try is snowboarding, because I don´t like cold and I think its very dangerous.


  15. Paula Muñoz says:

    I have never tried any extreme sport, but I really like them because I love the adrenalin. I’d like to practice paintball because it looks very funny, surf because I think that is an amazing sport and diving because I really deep in love with the seascape, but I’m fear the sea, I don’t know why.
    In my town you can practice sea sports, but not always because here there isn’t much wind. You also can go to the sport centre and do any sport.
    I’ll never try to practice parkour, because I don’t like jumping so much, but I don’t mind watching videos of it.


  16. Doha El Farh says:

    I love extreme sports but I’m not able to do this sports, because I think that you are playing with your life. In San Pedro you can practice some extreme sports such as BMX, skateboarding,parkour… and you can practice it in the skate park. If I’m going to chose an extreme sport to do it I will chose bungee jumping I love adrenaline junckies.And a sport that I would never try is skydiving because I’m afraid to do this sport, it is a little bit dangerous.


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