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Day 3. A bit of sightseeing in your last day!!

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Hello again, how is it going? I´ve heard that today is your last day and that you have planned to visit the town. Is that true? What places have you seen yet? Have you been sightseeing? Would you like to stay longer? I miss you!!!!



  1. María José Labrador Mellado says:

    It’s our last day here. I have never had such a good time since I went to Disney Land, if I could I would stay longer. Today, we visited some museums and beautiful cathedrals. We had lunch and then we took a walk for many time in the beach. We couldn’t see “ el Parque Genovés”, I hope to go back to Cádiz to see it. In this trip I could take beautiful photos, have you seen them?


  2. Daniel Faya Guijarro says:

    We have taken advantage of the trip to the World Cup to visit Brazil. We have stayed in Rio de Janeiro so we saw Cristo Redentor, I think it was smaller but is quite big. I would like to stay more time since tomorrow we will go to Spain but it doesn´t matter I have enjoyed a lot Brazil.


  3. María Pérez Martínez says:

    I want to stay longer here! We have been in NY since friday and we are going back today 😦 Have you had a look at the photos yet? Today we went on a bus tour to see all city. I’m in love with New York… I woke up at 8.00 in the morning. This alfernoon we are going to visit Manhattan park and at 19.20 aprox. we are going back to Spain.


  4. Álvaro Molero García says:

    A cold summer!

    We’ve gone to visit the most important places of Moscow and my favourite one was The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, then, we’ve taken a bus to go to the airport and now we are waiting for the plane. I hope that you will like all the pictures!


  5. Nerea Vega says:

    I can’t believe we’ve only been here for two days – we’ve already done so much! Today we went to my grandmother’s house, because she lives in Málaga. I wish we had been longer, this city has fascinated me.
    Bye and I will write more soon!


  6. Alexandria San Nicolas Baltaret says:

    Today is the last day we are here! We have visited the city París. We have taken a lot of photos and we have seen everything we could. Before going to the airport we let’s stop in a pizza restaurant and we ate. Then we went to the airport and come back to Spain. I really like the competition and the París city. I hope to come back soon!


  7. Javier Ramirez Orozco says:

    Today i’m going to Spain but first we went to see a safarito the outside of Johannesburg. Then we stayed in the centre of the city. We went to a restaurant to eat. Here we ate fish, meat, sausages… At 17:00 the plane left of South Africa. Now we are on my parents house we are very tired. And that’s all!!!


  8. Ainhoa Espín says:

    Today is the last day, but I want to stay longer here. We would like to see some places in London, but the plane leaves in the morning and we do not have time to see anything. Being here has been incredible! I would like to return someday.


  9. Daniela Ferrer says:

    Last night we couldn’t visit so much the city because we were tired. But this morning we have done a trip to visit Madrid. We have visited the Santiago Bernabeu and the Prado museum. I have uploaded the competition photos and later when we arrive, I will upload the trip’s photos.
    We just left Madrid, so good afternoon!


  10. Javier Ramirez Orozco says:

    Today i went to Spain, but first we went to see a safari outside Johannesburg.Then we went to a very expensive restaurant, here we ate fish, meat, sausages… We went to the Johannesburg centre for saw the gardens, we visited the shopping centre and bought presents for my parents. Then we went to the hotel for took our clothes. At 17:00 the plane left to Spain. Now we are on my parents house. My cousin and me are very tired. This trip was the best since i was born


  11. Marta García says:

    This is the last day, I’m so sad because I love this city. Before come back home I have visited my family, I will haven’t seen them the since 2015. Now I’m on my way to Murcia by car it’s very boring. We are hungry so we stop in a restaurant for dinner.


  12. Sara Mazari says:

    I want to stay here longer, but my parents want to back to Spain because my brother has finished his competition and at the same time they have a lot of work to do so goodbye and see you tomorrow because now I have to get on the plane.


  13. Andrés Ruiz López says:

    Today’s been the last day that we’ve visited London because we’ve stayed here for a week-end. I have had to wake up early because we were visiting monuments during all the morning. First we saw the Buckingham Palace, but as I dropped a drink all the people were looking at me, so I was embarrased all the morning. Later on, we visited the London Eye and the Big Ben, and in the afternoon we have been to have lunch to ‘Streetxo’, a famous restaurant leaded by Daviz Muñoz. Today I also left London, but I won’t forget that city.


  14. Angel Lopez Dorado says:

    Today is the last day and we have decided to visit the city and some monuments until we come back to Sn Pedro. Now we are at the Venice lake and its beautiful and amazing, later on we will go to visit the “Gran Canal de Venecia”. We are in the plane and I really have loved this experience, so if I can repeat I will do it.


  15. Paula Muñoz says:

    I can’t believe it, we’ve only been here for a weekend- I haven’t visited Marrakech yet, so I’ll come here another time! We went to the airport at 14.30 and now we’re still flying to San Pedro but I’m bored because my boyfriend is sleeping, so I’m writting here now hehe. See you in few hours Spain!!


  16. Doha El Farh says:

    I can’t believe we have only been here for two days and we have already done so much! I think that today I did a lot of things and we walked a lot. First we went to the Real museum of Ontaro it was really amazing! Then we went to the Kensington market. I think that Toronto is a good place to visit, it is an amazing place. I wish we could stay longer. I would like to visit the aquarium of riplay, I haven’t see it yet, we don’t have time. Bye bye


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